Mike V (Owner)

Philadelphia, PA area

Thanks so much for the opportunity to grow my business! I got out of debt! I was able to buy my first work Truck today thanks to you guys! You all mean so much to me I really appreciate working with you guys every day! Taking the calls helping with scheduling and so much more! Without you I'd still be starving for work and with a broke down car! Thanks thanks thanks thanks For everything you guys do behind the scenes that helps me reach my daily goals! I'll keep doing the best I can to keep our customers happy and telling others about us both!

Debbie C (Owner)

Philadelphia, PA area

The appliance repair men has changed everything about how I do business. For me, it's been a life changer. No more tens of thousands spent on yellow book , no more out of control advertising rates on google pay-per-click, no more days with no calls. I just open my appliance repairman account and boom! There they are.. Calls galore and all the work has been done for me. Scheduled and confirmed. My hardest job now is just deciding which ones I want to take. Great support and customer service too My costs are just a fraction of what they used to be ..and painless. It just works.

William M (Owner)

Nashville, TN area

The appliance repairman has been a savior to my company. As a small independent service provider i know all too well the struggles of advertisement costs and the necessity to promote your company name for survival. I have been servicing the nashville area for 5 years building my company name and at times have suffered great financial constraints to keep my company above water. The appliance repairman has provided me with an increase in call volume and profit that has changed the face of my company. With their assistance i no longer have to worry about how I'm going to get my techs and my company taken care of on a day to day basis. As a subcontractor the profit and loss scale for running service orders with the appliance repairman is phenomenal. For just a basic fee that is only taken out of customer, which is the most reasonable lead fee i have ever come across. My company now pulls in double the profit volume i used to receive. I am thankful every day for the wonderful and courteous services this company has provided. Also for the more solidified future they have provided for my business and my family...

Robert L (Owner)

Dallas Fort Worth Area

We started with The Appliance Repair Men 5 years ago, taking about 5-7 jobs daily. We now are taking about 35 jobs daily, on average, because of TARM. Peter and James are very hands on with the process, staying in touch with us on a regular basis, and making themselves available for any situations that may arise. We have enjoyed our experience with The Appliance Repair Men and look forward to many years to come.

Robert F (Owner)

Treasure Coast, FL area

The benefits of being an independent contractor is, you do not have a boss to report to. This allows a great deal of freedom over when,where and how you do your work. Financially, you can earn more than those working for other people. Equipment, parts and gas are tax deductible. Since working for this company, I have made a considerable amount more than working for an hourly wage for an employer.

Tom R (Owner)

Central/Northern NJ

My experience with the appliance repair men has been great. I have been taking jobs from them for 3-4 years it has tripled my business in that short time and there is unlimited potential to grow. There are many companies that offer a job referral service but none as well as the appliance repair men. Trust me I have tried almost all of them over the years. Keep up the good work guys and continue to help my business grow

Angel H (Owner)

San Jose, CA area

I have only been working with the Appliance Repair Men for 6 months and am very happy with this company which has helped me get a ton more business. They have very good customer services and easy to work with them. I rate them 5 stars.

Albert V (Owner)

NYC/NJ area

The company has helped me a lot, my personal company has benefited by getting jobs in better paying areas, my company is from the Bronx and I get lots of jobs from New Jersey and that helps me a lot. I have been with the company for 4 years on and off, and I'm always received again when I come back from Dominican Republic. Rate as a 5

Alsfonso A. (Owner)

Austin, TX

I am part of The Appliance Repair Men network, which is a serious and reliable company and it is a pleasure to be one of their technicians and I recommend to others to be part of this team.

Jeff M. (Owner)

Indianapolis, IN

Working with Appliance Repairmen especially Carla has helped build my business tremendously! Working as an independent contractor is great! I can view the jobs available and chose the ones that best fit my expertise and schedule. Carla is especially helpful when it comes to this and getting appointments scheduled when I can fit them in. If you are looking to grow your business I would highly recommend working with them!

Joseph O. (Owner)

Atlanta Metro area

I started working with the ARM a little over 3 years ago. I am happy working with them. When I first started the service charge was an issue with me. Looking back it was well worth it. The ARM helped me build my client base. This has helped me to make a lot of money . Will work for you guys any time. Thanks

Joshua K. (Owner)

Milwaukee WI

The Appliance Repairmen has added value to my appliance business. Great ease of use and solid jobs! Wouldn't change a thing. 5 Star Plus! Service. Thank you.

Rudolph S (Owner)

Philadelphia, PA area

My experience with TARM has been very successful and productive, I have been with tarm since the beginning. I rate you guys 5 stars on the quantity of jobs you produce

Farhan S (Owner)

NYC/NJ area

It's been great! I expanded my job radius from a mile to 30 miles and have more quantity. Customer service is great, and with great response and always willing to help. I am happy with the company.
Rate 5 stars

Steve G (Owner)

Scottsdale, AZ area

At first I was hesitant in filling out my profile to start accepting jobs. Once I did my first couple of jobs, I couldn't believe the quality of the jobs. Very impressed with them now for over 2 years. They allowed me to hire two more techs and expand my company.

Oscar P (Independent contractor)

Seattle, WA area

Great service and site is super easy to use. I now have the freedom that I always wanted. No more working for a company that wants to pay me as little as possible and work me as hard as possible.

Leo F (Part-time)

Chicago, IL area

The quality of jobs and amount to choose from is ideal for me since I am only part-time. Eventually want to use them full-time. I just started a month ago and am really excited I found these guys. Definitely a solid organization, I can always get someone on the phone when I need help.

Keanu D (Owner)

Oahu, HI

Very impressed so far with this company. 5 out of 5 star rating

S.Y. (Owner)

Chicago, IL area

We really appreciate your partnership as it did boost our business volume for more than 25% and also reduced the cost of advertising. Appliance Repair Men did give us one of the best opportunities to serve more and more customers. I will rate : 5*****

Fred R (Owner)

Chicago, Il area

I was a technician and working with other companies on percentage when I introduced with Appliance repairman I stopped working with all of the companies and I work like its my own company I work on my own schedule and I love appliance repairman because it is a cost efficient and saving my expense of advertising 5 star

Danny G (Owner)

Oklahoma City, OK area

Rate them a 5!!! They are the best!!!

Randy R (Owner)

Seattle, WA area

Since I have been with the appliance repairman my income has been good, great people to work with. A very respectfully 5 star thanks

Darry A (Owner)

Washington DC area

I'm working with appliance repairman for last 4 years. I have very good experience in working with this group and they helped me Improve my business and myself. Thanks

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